The Goal

The seek of adventure began with my personal need to express and capture my learnings in traveling experiences, but this intention goes beyond simply talking about them. It´s about spreading the love for life; not only one's life but loving also the life that nature represents.

The Story

I strongly believe that what leads the way in our lives is passion. The Seek of Adventure´s story began when I went to study abroad, I was 21 years old, and living that experience made me discover the biggest passion in my life: To travel and get to know the different cultures and different places that Earth has given to us. To face the unknown and the scare that it represents. I simply love the feeling of getting over something that in the past seemed impossible because I was afraid of doing it. It´s a constant growth and a constant learning, but it´s also giving the best of you to the world while you travel around it.

Stay Tuned...

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